The Top-five U.S. Blue Chips – Netflix (US64110L1061) – Amazon (US0231351067) – NetApp Inc (US64110D1046) – IDEXX Laboratories (US45168D1046) – Adobe (US45168D1046)

We have read in the previous articles of The Inch Magazine on the equity markets and on the intermarket analysis that liquidity continues to prefer investments at risk such as Growth and Technology compared to Value or defensives.


InchCapital Platform – U.S.A. vs. World – Update July 25, 2018

The picture shows 71 Stock exchanges in the world with different size and color, base on the numbers of stocks traded and the bullish (green color) or bearish (red color) ongoing trades

InchCapital Platform – USA vs World – Stock Exchange Map – update July 25, 2018


In this context, the US stock currently shows a substantially balanced situation. As is clear from the pie chart, the percentages of bullish and bearish stocks are substantially counterbalanced by the same weights. As a result, the liquidity thermometer highlighted at the top right above the map is still not at risk.

Now let’s see what are the top five strongest American Blue Chip in terms of trend-momentum DSS that have emerged in the last two years of this ongoing bullish trend.


InchCapital Platform – The Top-Five American Blue Chips – Update July 25, 2018

The picture shows the top - five American Blue Chips listed for DSS trend-momentum scores

InchCapital Platform – The Top-Five American Blue Chip – update July, 25 – Data Source Datalink


Of these, four are listed on the Nasdaq 100 while only one, IDEXX Laboratories, is part of the S&P 500. Netflix (read more InchCapital Platform – Netflix (isin code US64110L1061) – update July 25, 2018) continues to be the strongest US stock based on the DSS trend momentum and despite the recent sharp break down, it follows Amazon (read more InchCapital Platform – Amazon (isin code US0231351067) – update July 25, 2018) that will most likely become the world’s first capitalization stock, NetApp Inc (read more InchCapital Platform – NetApp Inc. (isin code US64110D1046) – update July 25, 2018), IDEXX Laboratories (read more InchCapital Platform – IDEXX Laboratories (isin code US45168D1046) – update July 25, 2018) and Adobe System (read more InchCapital Platform – Adobe System (isin code US45168D1046) – update July 25,2018)

What do these companies have in common? They are all Growth and they are all involved in technology. The only one to be listed in the S&P 500 index, IDEXX Laboratories, deals with cutting-edge and high-tech diagnostic systems.



The first five strongest American Blue Chip confirm the results of the analysis carried out previously on the sector and style indices. It should be noted, that the last correction recorded by Technologists at the beginning of the year was offset by the recovery of energy sector.