Equity markets have not yet resumed last year’s bullish trend. As can be seen from the map below, the red color prevails in all the geo-economic areas of the Earth, without highlighting significant exceptions especially as regards the most important stock indices in the world.


Stock markets around the world – April 20th, 2018

The pictures shows 71 most important stock exchanges of the world depicted by squares and rectangles of magnitude directly proportional to the number of securities exchanged. Red color means that the bearish forces prevail on the equity market. On the other hand, green color means that the bullish forces prevail on the equity market.

InchCapital Platform – stock world map updated to April 20, 2018


This week we analyze the performance of European equity indices using the Inch platform as usual (https://datascollector.inchcapital.com/index.php). The comparative analysis of the 92 European equity indices, selected based on the daily time series and ordered by DSS trend / momentum score (read more about DSS https://inchcapital.com/professional-investors-services/), shows that the first five are:

1) BET Index (Bucharest Stock Exchange – Romania); 2) FTSE MIB40 (Milan Stock Exchange – Italy); 3) ASE Index (Athens Stock Exchange General Index – Greece); 4) Market Vectors Gl. Junior Gold Miners Index (Germany – Gold Sector concerning middle and small caps); 5) Oslo Exchange All Share Index (Oslo Stock Exchange – Norway).

We then make the same selection moving on the weekly time series to have a more robust medium / long-term vision and linked to the upward trend that has been affirmed above all in the two-year period 2016/2017 and we obtain the following ranking.

1) OMX Riga Index (Riga Stock Exchange – Latvia); 2) Tec Dax Index (Germany – Info tech Sector); 3) ATX5 Index (Vienna Stock Exchange – Austria); 4) Oslo Exchange All Share Index (Oslo Stock Exchange – Norway); 5) FTSE ITALY STAR (Milan Stock Exchange –  really small cap Italy).

Of the two selections, the only equity company present in a uniform manner for the short / medium term and for the medium / long term is the Oslo stock exchange index, which, among other things, recorded new historical tops in the last week.

According to the latest UN World Happiness Report 2018, Norway is the second country in the world for happiness and it seems that this situation in the Country is moving to its national economic and financial expression. Moreover, the latter was also favored by the brilliant performance of the energy sector.


Oslo Stock Exchange All Share Index – daily closing 956.77 – April 20th, 2018

The picture shows the bullish trend of the stock market index of the Oslo stock exchange in Norway, which in the last week has recorded a new historical top. The trend is represented by a daily bar chart.

InchCapital Platform – Oslo Stock Exchange All Share Index – Norway


The index has two bullish targets not yet reached at 983.59 and 1014.72. The equity market may intercept these targets if the index will s not fall below 938.52 for short-term expectations and below 910.30 for the medium-long term period (read more InchCapital Platform – Oslo Stock Exchange)

To invest  in the Norwegian stock market, you can refer to the Nordea-1 fund Norwegian Equity Fund BP EUR isin code LU0173784223 – EUR) entry (max) 5% + current expenses 1.80% and that especially if you have a more fundamental than technical approach (read more InchCapital Platform – Nordea-1).

Or, if you prefer to invest directly on the market you can focus on the oil and gas sector that is very strong in Norway or on the Funcom company (https://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Funcom) that produces video games and represents a viable alternative to the ever-increasing oil stocks in Norway (read more InchCapital Platform – Funcom NV – isin code NL0012756266).