Yesterday STM ( has highlighted a bullish trading day of 4.33% that leads it to a step from the previous top of 21.59 quoted on 7/11/2017. The stock was reported on April 25 from this magazine (The Inch Magazine) when it was around 18.00 with the outlook of reaching an ideal target between 24.00 and 24.50.


STM – Daily closing EUR 21.18 – June 6th, 2018 – right now EUR 21.28 

The picture shows the daily bar chart of the STM share, which shows a breakout carried out yesterday 5 June confirming the bullish trend still ongoing

InchCapital Platform – Daily bar chart – Data Source Fida


STM is a FTSE MIB 40 basket component that has a tangibly superior performance in terms of strength relative to that index (read more InchCapital Platform – STM). This fact is explained because of two different and combined actions of two opposite directional facing banking, energy and utilities sectors on one side with the technological one on the other.


InchCapital Platform – Spread analysis STM vs FTSE MIB 40 – Daily time series – Data Source Fida


The latter continues to be among the strongest sectors in the world both in Europe and in the US and does not highlight signs of weakness. The others, that is, the banking, energy and utilities sectors are notoriously weaker and, especially in Italy, burdened with regard to the banking sector, by a country risk component, which is exacerbating an already problematic sector.

Given the above, in relation to STM prospects, it should be noted that the Inch platform is long with a stop at 20.18 (which can be adjusted starting from the next trading days) and targets at: 22.56. The stock from the structural point will not highlight significant settlements until it is traded on levels below to 20.14 (fixed).

For the medium / long term, the investing position is long since 25 April as published by the article made that day with targets at 23.20 (intermediate) and 24.00 / 24.50 final.


STM – Pattern Prediction for the next 20 trading days

The picture shows the quantitative analysis of the STM daily time series with relative probabilistic projections of trends valid for the following 20 trading days.

InchCapital Platform – STM Pattern Prediction – Quantitative Analysis June 1th, 2018


Moving on the pattern predictions for the next twenty trading days, it should be noted that the contribution of the quantitative analysis calculated with the weekly closing of 1 June 2018, ie 20.35, highlights potential increases ranging from 7.85% to a maximum of 19.82%, of which for accuracy it is necessary to subtract about 5.25% recorded between yesterday and today.