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The image highlights the monitor of a computer with a candlestick chart in evidence to represent the forex market.

Eur-Usd Elliott Wave Forecast – InchCapital Platform – Update July 3, 2018

The outlook for the eur-usd exchange rate for the next few months reflects one of the main characteristics of the forex market, analyzed according to Elliott's wave theory. I refer in particular to the presence of structural movements characterized…
The picture shows the one euro coin to represent the content of this article that focuses on focusing on the risk assessment of Europe and not just ongoing risks from Italy and Spain

Risk Italy or risk Europe? – Euro vs. Forex MKT – Intermarket Barometer – Updated for June 8th, 2018

The risk Country Italy used on the front pages of the specialized press for weeks. However, are we so sure that this is only a risk limited to a nation or have already been reflected in the entire geo-economic area of ​​Europe?   Italy…
The picture shows some USD banknotes that highlights the USD perspectives for the next months based on Elliott Wave Theory

Dollar Index outlook for the coming months – May 3th, 2018.

What are the perspectives for the USD? This is one of the most important and current questions that financial markets are wondering. After more than three months of sideway phase, we have recently recorded a first directional buy signal to strengthen…
The picture highlights a beautiful view of a beach in the Philippines with a small motor boat that is about to dock at a small port. In the background there is a lush forest that acts as a contrast to the transparent sea.
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Retirees and currencies: EUR/PHP – Euro vs. Philippine Peso

HEAVENS FOR RETIREES European pensioners resident abroad are in constant increase in recent years and this trend it is likely to last for a while. The reasons why this exodus are different and mainly related to: the best cost of living; lower…