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The image shows a cargo ship in navigation to represent the transport of the non-liquid goods that are represented by the index object of the argument and that is the Baltic Dry Index that records the trend of the costs related to the freight of this type of ships.

Baltic Dry Index (BADI) (BDIY) (BDI)

The world requires basic resources for manufacturing processes.     The Baltic Dry Index is an index that concerns the costs of shipping of ships specializing in the transport of non-liquid goods and bulk. It is directly…
The picture highlights a pile of gold bars stacked randomly on top of each other on a white shelf.

PERFECT STORM - Gold, Dollar Index, S&P 500 and Newmont Mining Corp ISIN CODE: US6516391066

Gold to the top of the year - close August 28th, 2017: USD 1306.92     Gold breaks out the more important supply line of the year. The bullish breakout that brings the yellow metal to the forefront of the international scenario…