News Corp. CLB B – daily closing USD 16.60 – ISIN CODE US65249B2088 – USA the best trading idea of May 9, 2018.

Every day it is possible to search, using the Inch platform, the best trading opportunities in terms of reward / risk ratio. Based on this method, each trader or investor is required to assess future uncertain returns against a certain predetermined loss.

Let us see how to proceed step by step. We select a liquid asset such as US blue chips, after which we select all new buy signals for moderate buy, buy and strong buy and select them further for strong buy.


The picture shows how each trader or investor can select every day in just a few second all new long signals based on technical analysis and daily time series.

Inchcapital Platform – selection of new long signals, strong buy daily time series – Data Source Datalink


In this way, we reduce to only two blue chips the choice to be made, that is, Symantec Corp. and News Corporation CLB B. Between the two we choose News Corporation CLB B (Rupert Murdoch), because it has a short-term trend stage position more favorable to purchase than Symantec action.


InchCapital Platform NEWS CLB ORD Daily chart – Data Source Datalink


By clicking on the chart, you immediately access to details tab where we can quickly search for further confirmations for ordering the purchase.

For example, the performance of the medium / long-term stock shown in the weekly chart, the relative strength of the stock compared to its benchmark index and above all the pattern prediction calculated using quantitative methods.


The picture shows a medium/long term bullish trend based on weekly time series

InchCapital Platform – NEWS CLB ORD Weekly chart – Data Source Datalink


The weekly trend is bullish as well as its weekly position (Stay Long). The new purchase signal highlighted by the platform based on the daily time series is therefore aligned with the medium / long-term bullish position. The strength of the stock compared to its benchmark index (S & P 500) is moderately positive both for the short and for the medium / long term, as it highlights from the report available in the link below InchCapital Platform – NEWS CLB B report. We therefore have only to see what the prospects are based on quantitative analysis.


The picture shows the perspectives five trends, pattern predictions for the next 20 trading days, based on quantitative analysis.

InchCapital Platform – NEWS CLB ORD – Pattern Prediction for the next 20 trading days


These are decidedly favorable since, based on the closure recorded on Friday 4 May, they propose, for the subsequent twenty trading days, a bullish perspective. The worst trend against the closing on Friday 4 May is only 1.34%, while all the other projections indicate a sharp rise in percentage terms.

Conclusions: as stated above, News Corp CLB B is considered best trading or investing opportunity as at 9 May 2018. Based on the last two identical daily closures recorded on May 7 and 8 at USD 16.60, the security may show a bullish trend subject as long as do not take trade below USD 15.80.