From the analysis of the strongest American blue chips, created by the InchCapital platform , based on the weekly time series and therefore with a trading approach closer to the trend followers than to the traders, emerges that Netflix ( as of April 17th, 2018 prevails over all other stocks in terms of DSS trend momentum (read more about DSS).

The Netflix weekly score is such that for the medium / term period it secures the first place on the other four competitors represented by: Micron Technology Inc., NetApp Inc., NVIDIA and Adobe Systems Inc.

Among these five stocks, only three managed to record new tops compared to the previous uptrend ended with the last January tops of the S&P 500, D.J. Industrial and NASDAQ100.

These three stocks are Netflix, NetApp Inc and Adobe Systems Inc., which are objectively the three strongest American blue chips by trend, momentum and new tops.

In the specific case, Netflix has two bullish targets not yet reached calculated on the daily and weekly time series.


Netflix – daily closing April 17th, 2018 USD 336.06

The picture shows the daily candlestick chart of the Netflix stock with the reference moving averages of 55, 200 days set up in the golden cross, and with the formation of new higher top, that is those of the previous uptrend in January.

InchCapital Platform – Netflix Golden Cross Daily Chart – Data Source Datalink


With regard to short / medium expectations, Netflix has a target of 316.47, which can be achieved on the condition that it does not record any quote below 307.67.


Netflix – weekly chart – daily closing April 17th, 2018 USD 336.06

The picture highlights the bulish trend of the NETFLIX stock as represented by the weekly candlestick chart with a 55-week simple moving average.

InchCapital Platform – Netflix Weekly Chart – Data Source Datalink


As for the medium / long term, the bullish target is 384.92 and can be achieved until a detection of less than 281.02 is recorded.

Cyclical positions are favorable for both the short / medium term and the medium / long term, as well as the predictive analysis for the next twenty trading days calculated at the close of Friday, April 13th, 2018, when the stock had not yet recorded new tops.


The picture shows two sinusoidal charts that represent the position of the Netflix stock respected to its short and medium / long-term cyclical phases.

InchCapital Platform – Netflix – Trend Stage Daily and Weekly


The picture shows five forecasts calculated for the Netflix stock based on the daily historical series on April 13th, 2018 and relating to the next twenty trading days.

InchCapital Platform – Netflix perspective analysis for the next 20 trading days


Netflix, ( which has been on a bullish trend ever since, has highlighted since 2018 and therefore for about four months a force that is not reflected in all its historical series, demonstrating to satisfy all the conditions required by the ARC method (absolute, relative and comparative).