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the image shows an oil factory with a sunset in the background.

The Energy Sector is the strongest both in Europe and in the U.S.A. – April 24th, 2018

On the stock markets, a sector rotation has been affirmed where the energy sector has been driving for about two months. Both in Europe and in the United States this sector is confirmed as the strongest in terms of the Decision Support System…
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The strongest European stock indices – April 20th, 2018

Equity markets have not yet resumed last year's bullish trend. As can be seen from the map below, the red color prevails in all the geo-economic areas of the Earth, without highlighting significant exceptions especially as regards the most important…


From the analysis of the strongest American blue chips, created by the InchCapital platform , based on the weekly time series and therefore with a trading approach closer to the trend followers than to the traders, emerges that Netflix (…
The image shows many pills, tablets and tablets of various sizes and colors to represent the topic of the article: the pharmaceutical sector in Europe.

Stoxx 600 Healthcare Index (SXDP) & Components.

European Healthcare Stoxx 600: one of the weakest sectors.    The strong buy-list screening of European stocks on last September seven, highlighted seven new signals, of which three relating to Healthcare and two of the Chemicals…
The picture highlights a sphere reminiscent of the world completely formed by the binary code 1 and 0 which is superimposed on a background made entirely of the same binary code 1 and 0.

iShares PHLX Semiconductor (SOXX) isin code US4642875235

Good perspectives for the semiconductor index.   Every week we analyze the stock indices of the world due to Inchcapital Platform to look for the strongest of the equity market and to capture the best investment opportunities. This…
The picture highlights the map of the Hungarian state to represent the object of the article and in particular Budapest Stock Exchange.

ETF OTP BUX I TRACK isin code HU0000704960 HUF – Economic forecast for Hungary.

Hungary good growth outlook more than 3% with stable exchange rate.     The latest outlook of the European Commission confirms the goods economic perspectives for Hungary (Economic forecast for Hungary). For this year and…
The picture highlights the geographical map of the three states of the Baltic Republics. The article refers above all to the stock market in Latvia.

Baltic republics: the European diamond tip.

Why the Baltic republics?   Recently Moody's revised Italy's GDP to + 1.3% in 2017. The news was highlighted with positive outcomes from major media, which generally save some exceptions, which have minimized the prospects of other…
The picture highlights a large Venezuelan flag held in the hands of a large crowd in the middle of the road.

Venezuela Bursatil Caracas IBC: the strongest stock index in the world… maybe.

Venezuela Bursatil Caracas IBC IBVC:IND close August 25th, 2017: 203.086   Exactly three years ago the Caracas Stock Exchange Index IBVC: IND (Bloomberg code) quoted 2623 (closing of 2014/08/29). At the end of these last thirty-six…