THE TOP SIX BLUE CHIPS ON THE NASDAQ 100 updated July 16, 2020 – Tesla Motors Inc (isin US88160R1014), eBay Inc (isin US2786421030), MercadoLibre Inc (isin US58733R1023), Seattle Genetics Inc (isin US8125781026), JD.com Inc (isin US47215P1066) and Biomarin Pharmaceutical Inc (isin US09061G1013).

We’re going again! 

We have just finished installing the new version of APB – Automatic Portfolio Builder – and so we can pick up where we left off. About two years ago we published a report on the top five blue chips of the NASDAQ 100, which in the summer of 2018 were distinguished for their strength expressed in terms of trend and momentum. The protagonists were at the time: NETFLIX, AMAZON, NETAPP INC., IDEXX LABORATORIES AND ADOBE and all these shares, except for the NETAPP INC, are now on greater values than those recorded at the time.

Protagonists change………..

After two years the protagonists have changed thanks to Big Player known all over the world such as: Tesla Motors Inc (isin US88160R1014) and eBay Inc (isin US2786421030); but also in order to affirm of companies, products of this times like MercadoLibre Inc (isin US58733R1023), Seattle Genetics Inc (isin US8125781026), JD.com Inc (isin US47215P1066) e Biomarin Pharmaceutical Inc (isin US09061G1013). Any report is provided by Inch Platform in a few seconds as indeed any report of any asset is obtainable free of charge on inchcapital.com.

NASDAQ 100 – The Top six blue chips – from Inch Platform – updated July 16, 2020

But the result is always the same

The protagonists change but the result is always the same: NASDAQ has long been the strongest stock market in the world. It is the leading index for all other stock markets, because it loses less in the drawdown phases, such as in 2018 and 2020 and reacts much better than all the other equity indices, recording progressive all-time highs. (Report on Nasdaq 100 from Inch Platform).

Be careful though…

The quantitative forecasts for the index are still favorable. These are updated every week on the basis of the dynamics of the index. Therefore, tomorrow we will examine if there are variations compared to the current predictive analysis.

Nasdaq 100 – Pattern Prediction for the next 20 trading days – From Inch Platform – updated July 10, 2018 – data source Datalink

The short and medium trades are long with two alert levels respectively to 10451 and 9633. However, statistical excesses emerge which cannot be underestimated. The index may have already recorded its top of the bullish phase that characterized the rally of the last four months. Alternatively, any bullish extensions can be delimited by the area 11070/11312.

It is therefore considered that at the moment there are greater risks of going through a corrective phase, compared to the potential margins of appreciation that can be further reached. Certainly, should the expected corrective phase occur, the NASDAQ 100 currently represents and will represent the best investment opportunity on the equity markets for the coming years.