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Investing on the basis of reward/risk
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INCHCAPITAL – HYBRID ROBO ADVISOR   WEEKLY REPORT - 05.15.2023 www.inchcapital.com   ASSET CLASS EQUITY WARNING DEACTIVATED FROM MONDAY 04.03.2023 (EX ACTIVATION OF 02.27.2023) Equity markets reacted at the end of the…
The image highlights a sunny wheat field with a beautiful blue sky, to convey the message of food commodities.by InchCapital - Milan (Italy)

Food commodities rise but what about point of no return

What’s news on ETFs? In seconds, by the INCH platform, we analyzed 160 different categories for more than 1,070 ETFs. The list  based on the trend-momentum method highlights the strong interest for commodities still ongoing.     As…
The picture highlights the italian flag to represent BTP 10yr italian government bondImage by DavidRockDesign from Pixabay
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Italy 10-Year Bond Yield – IT10YT=RR – Daily close updated to October 13, 2020: +0.6640%

The Italian Treasury placed three and seven-year government bonds in the last auction, with considerable success. The demand allowed the three-year rates to move into negative territory, re-proposing the Italian alignment with the general European…
The image highlights four outstretched arms with hands clenched in a closed fist that converge at the center of the photograph that has the background of electronic quotations.

INTERMARKET ANALYSIS – Update July 23, 2018.

Update July 23, 2018   Growth Style & Information Technology but not Emerging Markets. The main outlooks predicted at the beginning of this year have been proved wrong. Bitcoin could have completed the corrective phase.   InchCapital…
The image highlights the monitor of a computer with a candlestick chart in evidence to represent the forex market.

Eur-Usd Elliott Wave Forecast – InchCapital Platform – Update July 3, 2018

The outlook for the eur-usd exchange rate for the next few months reflects one of the main characteristics of the forex market, analyzed according to Elliott's wave theory. I refer in particular to the presence of structural movements characterized…
The picture shows the one euro coin to represent the content of this article that focuses on focusing on the risk assessment of Europe and not just ongoing risks from Italy and Spain

Risk Italy or risk Europe? – Euro vs. Forex MKT – Intermarket Barometer – Updated for June 8th, 2018

The risk Country Italy used on the front pages of the specialized press for weeks. However, are we so sure that this is only a risk limited to a nation or have already been reflected in the entire geo-economic area of ​​Europe?   Italy…
The picture highlights columns of Bitcoin to represent the cryptocurrencies market

Cryptocurrency and Facebook – InchCapital Platform – Update June 4th, 2018

Bitcoin / USD - Daily chart in semilogarithmic scale - Elliott Wave Forecast - Long term outlook   Do you remember the binary options? Yes, when on all websites could we read about lucky people who had stopped working because…
The image shows a microchip of blue color with many electrical connections where in the center there is a letter B to represent the market of Bitcoins and cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency breaking news – May 31th, 2018.

The month of May has given us important news for the world of cryptocurrencies and for the perspectives of this market. On May 17, Reuters announced (www.reuters.com/article/swiss-efranc) that the Swiss government is officially informing…
The picture shows a wallet crushed by a grip to represent italian financial crisis

10Y ITA BTP – Spread ITA-GER – 3 Month Euribor I.R. – Elliott Wave Forecast – Update may 29th, 2018

Italy “Under Pressure”, but what about Mr. Draghi?   We are still under pressure. Now it was no use attempting to reassure the financial markets with a welcome premier. The bullish dynamics are so evident that the only thing to…
The picture shows the bullish trend of the Italy Government Bond 10Y yeald depicted by a candlestick daily chart with Elliott Wave Forecast

Italy 10 Year Government Bond – Elliott Wave Forecast – Daily closing 2.3990 – Update May 21, 2018.

Italy 10 Year Government Bond yield - Monthly candlestick chart - May 21th, 2018.   The bullish trend in Italian 10Y rates is clearly impulsive and destined to continue in the next trading days, based on a market that is recording…