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The current situation of the US stock market requires an immediate update on the outlook for the S & P500 index. INCH HYBRID On the basis of the Elliott's main scenario, the analysis of the bullish trend of the EMINI S & P500 highlights…
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Nasdaq 100 #NDX and S&P 500 #SPX what’s next – Robo Advisor & Elliott Wave Forecast

What is a Hybrid Robo Advisor? It is a pocket-sized research department based on data analysis, which is expressed automatically and independently but also with the human labour of an analyst: let's find out how. Robo Advisor The weekly appointment…
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IT0004729759 (isin code) – SeSa s.p.a. the best European opportunity of recent months

In a few seconds, we can note that the Inch Platform list of the stronger European Large & Mid Cap highlights the tangible prevalence of mid-cap stocks compared to their blue chip rivals. This trend confirms what has established itself…
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US5949181045 (isin code) – Microsoft and its Hololens vs. Zoom Video Communication

E-conference versus e-working is an unequal struggle but still today David wins against Goliath. Microsoft is leader in augmented reality by the Hololens project born before the pandemic and now already in its 2.0 version. Through this technological…
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The strongest blue chip in the world – Zoom Video Communications Inc – isin code US98980L1017

We looked at the strongest blue chips in the world by the Inch Platform, listed by trend and acceleration forces (daily time series). In a few seconds, we obtained the list of over 1900 shares, including the 300 Chinese Large Cap. On the front…
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TESLA THE QUEEN OF THE NASDAQ. If a few years ago we were surprised by NVIDIA's performance, now we couldn't fail to see the rally of TESLA. On Friday, the stock finished the week with USD 1417, adjusting its annual performance to + 518.77%:…

THE TOP SIX BLUE CHIPS ON THE NASDAQ 100 updated July 16, 2020 – Tesla Motors Inc (isin US88160R1014), eBay Inc (isin US2786421030), MercadoLibre Inc (isin US58733R1023), Seattle Genetics Inc (isin US8125781026), JD.com Inc (isin US47215P1066) and Biomarin Pharmaceutical Inc (isin US09061G1013).

We're going again!  We have just finished installing the new version of APB - Automatic Portfolio Builder - and so we can pick up where we left off. About two years ago we published a report on the top five blue chips of the NASDAQ…
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The Top-five U.S. Blue Chips – Netflix (US64110L1061) – Amazon (US0231351067) – NetApp Inc (US64110D1046) – IDEXX Laboratories (US45168D1046) – Adobe (US45168D1046)

We have read in the previous articles of The Inch Magazine on the equity markets and on the intermarket analysis that liquidity continues to prefer investments at risk such as Growth and Technology compared to Value or defensives.   InchCapital…
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Elliott Wave Forecast – World Stock Barometer – S&P 500 and DAX indices – Updated for July 20, 2018.

Update July 20, 2018   The trade highlighted by the Inch Platform is long for the short term with a stop at 2,782.65 and the first target at 2,851.18 and for the medium term with a stop at 2,731.33 and the first target at 2,938.06.   Inch…
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Dax Index – Elliott Wave Forecast – Update July 4, 2018

The update of the count (Elliott Wave Forecast) on the DAX index confirms the scenario proposed on 11 June, which proposed a prospective downturn based on a first bearish impulse already highlighted read more The Inch Magazine   Dax…