The world requires basic resources for manufacturing processes.


The weekly bar chart highlights the possible bullish reversal pattern of the Baltic Dry Index, index of the freight rates concerning dry commodities.

InchCapital Platform – Data Source: Fida.


The Baltic Dry Index is an index that concerns the costs of shipping of ships specializing in the transport of non-liquid goods and bulk. It is directly related to the commodity trade and especially of base metals but also agricultural products. For this reason, it is also an index of demand and supply on these basic raw materials and is therefore used to confirm whether or not the international economic situation, as, unlike the name, highlights the cost of the major world cargo shipping lines.

For this reason, it is often used as confirmation of data recorded by the economic situation. The index is expressed in USD and therefore its valuation should be considered as the US dollar trend.

At this time, the Baltic Dry Index is the second strongest European index (Inchcapital Platform) in terms of trend / momentum on 47 European indexes examined. The index is downward trend from the highest recorded in 2008 to 11793. It recorded a significant low, in February 2016 to 295 and is now progressively recording a sideway phase with accumulative characteristics between 1338.00 and 685. Current price collection are attest to around 1200 (last to 1187).

Any bullish breakout of the area 1338/1400 will confirm that the economic recovery will accelerate on a global scale. On the other hand, the continuation of the current outlook will only favor some of the world’s geo-economic areas at the expense of others.

In this context, always using the Inch platform, we choose the first and second ranked ETC in terms of trend/momentum: 3x Daily Long Nickel is a code JE00BYQY5X15 EUR. Read more: 3x Daily Long Nickel isin code JE00BYQY5X15  e 3x Daily Long Copper isin code JE00BYQY4F67 EUR. Read more: 3x Daily Long Copper isin code JE00BYQY4F67


Nickel: the daily bar chart highlights the bullish trend of ETC 3 leveraged.

InchCapital Platform – Data Source: Fida


The daily bar chart highlights the Copper bulish trend for the short and medium period.

InchCapital Platform – Data Souce: Fida