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Baltic republics: the European diamond tip.

Why the Baltic republics?   Recently Moody’s revised Italy’s GDP to + 1.3% in 2017. The news was highlighted with positive outcomes from major media, which generally save some exceptions, which have minimized the prospects of other major European partners: +1.6 % For France and + 2.2% for Germany. However, it should be emphasized that […]

Retirees and currencies: EUR/PHP – Euro vs. Philippine Peso

HEAVENS FOR RETIREES European pensioners resident abroad are in constant increase in recent years and this trend it is likely to last for a while. The reasons why this exodus are different and mainly related to: the best cost of living; lower taxation of the country of entry, health care acceptable; various types of facilitations […]

Venezuela Bursatil Caracas IBC: the strongest stock index in the world… maybe.

Venezuela Bursatil Caracas IBC IBVC:IND close August 25th, 2017: 203.086   Exactly three years ago the Caracas Stock Exchange Index IBVC: IND (Bloomberg code) quoted 2623 (closing of 2014/08/29). At the end of these last thirty-six months, the percentage increase was an extraordinary 7.742%, representing one of the most important historical performance of the financial […]