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INTERMARKET ANALYSIS – Update July 23, 2018.

Update July 23, 2018   Growth Style & Information Technology but not Emerging Markets. The main outlooks predicted at the beginning of this year have been proved wrong. Bitcoin could have completed the corrective phase.   InchCapital Platform – MSCI ACWI IMI NET TR LOCAL versus JPM GBI – DJ UBS Commodity – Gold – […]

Dax Index – Elliott Wave Forecast – Update July 4, 2018

The update of the count (Elliott Wave Forecast) on the DAX index confirms the scenario proposed on 11 June, which proposed a prospective downturn based on a first bearish impulse already highlighted read more The Inch Magazine   Dax Index – Elliott Wave Forecast – Daily chart updated for July 3th, 2018.   As shown in […]


MONCLER (isin code IT0004965148), KERING (isin code FR0000121485) and STMICROELECTRONICS (isin code NL0000226223) – The three strongest European blue chips – Updated June 21th, 2018.

Using the tools offered by the Inch platform (https://datascollector.inchcapital.com/index.php) we are able at any time and in a few seconds to analyze each financial object according to the absolute, relative and comparative ARC method. Based on the ARC method, I analyze every financial object from three points of view. To do this analysis I need […]

Banca Mediolanum – isin code IT0004776628 – Updated for June 12th, 2018

Today we prefer to focus on how to close a trade in take profit, based on objective indications. In this specific case, we have examined via the Inch platform (Inch Platform) the short trade still ongoing, concerning Banca Mediolanum stock (wikipedia.org/wiki/Banca_Mediolanum).   Banca Mediolanum – daily bar chart – daily closing 6.025 – Update June […]

Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency breaking news – May 31th, 2018.

The month of May has given us important news for the world of cryptocurrencies and for the perspectives of this market. On May 17, Reuters announced (www.reuters.com/article/swiss-efranc) that the Swiss government is officially informing about everything you need to know to “print electronically” virtual francs guaranteed by the state’s deposits and the undisputed officiality that […]