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A Hybrid Robo Advisor focused on providing our customers with the best resources to generate and execute their best ideas.

We are specialized in financial software application, data management, data mining & data journalism, with a personalized and totally transparent approach that helps our customers to increase and maximize their business profitability & digital communication.


Decisional Support System (DSS), Digital Communications, Training Course & Webinar.


Market Data Analysis, Active Asset Management, Portfolio Master, Automatic Portfolio Builder.


Customized Software & Platforms based on financial engineering, data mining & data science.

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Financial Markets data visualized in the simplest, fastest and most effective way. The InchCapital Platform enables our customers to analyze all the asset class of the world in a few minutes. Each asset classes is listed for specific levels based on the peculiarities of each asset class.

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The image highlights four outstretched arms with hands clenched in a closed fist that converge at the center of the photograph that has the background of electronic quotations.

INTERMARKET ANALYSIS – Update July 23, 2018.

Update July 23, 2018   Growth Style & Information Technology but not Emerging Markets. The main outlooks predicted at the beginning of this year have been proved wrong. Bitcoin could have completed the corrective phase.   InchCapital…
The picture shows an electronic scoreboard displayed in a square with the writing Dow Jones and the quotations of the stocks that are flowing.

Elliott Wave Forecast – World Stock Barometer – S&P 500 and DAX indices – Updated for July 20, 2018.

Update July 20, 2018   The trade highlighted by the Inch Platform is long for the short term with a stop at 2,782.65 and the first target at 2,851.18 and for the medium term with a stop at 2,731.33 and the first target at 2,938.06.   Inch…

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